Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If being concern is wrong

Then I'm sorry
If showing love would hurt
Then I apologize
If to worry is annoying
Then i am a nuisance

If only...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Blind Side

I have heard of this movie " The Blind Side" Staring Sandra Bullock, and it was based on a true story about this man name Micheal Oher. You can read his life history and what happened when he met this man name "Tony Henderson" who helped enroll Micheal into Briarcrest Christian School..then Micheal being a homeless was adopted by the Tuohy Family, a christian family.

What captured my attention in this movie, unlike any other American Football true story movies is this - Tuohy a white family would willingly take a black boy into their family, wasn't only he of a diff race, he was from the ghetto of Hurt. Yet the Tuohy family had compassion on him, and soon came to love him as their very own.

Now while i was watching this movie, i realise the Tuohy family were really showing Christ like love and grace, acceptance and compassion. Forgiveness and second chances..and i question myself "am i able to do the same thing, if i had the means to do it to someone who is of the same race, let alone a different one?"

People, you all should watch this movie..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of dreams, syndromes, and food

I was taking an afternoon nap this afternoon (DUH!!), so...i was asleep and i had a dream! Praise God for dreams, it can be very interesting sometimes..then again it can be down right WEIRD sometimes. I've no idea what this dream means, but it was one that got me thinking a lot..

This was how the dream went..

I was at home in S'wan, going about my own stuff. Then i had a pleasant surprise visit from all the JS10 peeps, they came in car loads. (what a joy!- even though it was only a dream) It was late evening at that point, and i went and bath to get ready for dinner with them. As i came out of the bathroom all dressed up - singing the song Mengejar HadirMu, i heard voice like a choir in unison singing the exact same song, exact same words as i was - Memandang wajah Mu, mengikuti kebaikan Mu, mengejar hadirMu dalam Hidup ku...- AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!! as i got into the car, i saw in my dream a very familiar of my senior from High School!! WTH!!

Anyways, at that point i woke up. Realised how much i actually miss them - to the point i refused to get my butt up. But it also got me thinking...How are they doing? Are they walking close to God inspite of the many challenges and temptations around? I am all too familiar with what happens after JS..

Pause* Phone called from 0301?!...At first i thought it was some unknown person who was trying to disturb me..i answered the phone anyways..To my surprise i got a call from Pearly who's in Australia...woohoo..surprise indeed.

Continue*..deng there must be some ways to surpress this Post JS syndrome!!

Moving On..
So i prepared dinner tonite, it was my dad's idea and he wanted me to make something with pork. Went with him to the market to get a strip of pork loin in the morning. I cured it in salt+sugar with water and herbs. After 4 hours, took it out and dry it then rub on my own mixture of dry herbs and spices *loved it*

Roasted it with Bacon rappings, and i also made flavoured rice (super easy), and also mix mushroom ragout..awesomeness..anyways here's the Photo..all in all it was a good meal..Praise God..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jeremiah School 2010

Hi from Port Dickson Methodist Centre, Jeremiah School 2010...Time flies so so so so fastttttttttttttttttttttt...I have really enjoyed my time here with these 23 students, particularly some of the guys, whom i have really build a close and comfortable brotherhood with. I do hope i was able to influence and impact their lives thus far.

I will be back in Sitiawan for Chinese new Year, and then on the 20th of Feb i will be heading to Teluk Intan for the remainder of Jeremiah School.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Part 2

I do not have much time to blog long here but i do wanna post this one thing up..or 2

I think the most beautiful and memorable thing that happened to me in 2009 wasn't the France trip or me graduating from Degree; rather it was one person that became a part of my life - Victoria-
How i got together with her is a rather interesting story to tell (i won't elaborate here), i do believe that it was really God that arranged and planned this from the very beginning, from how i met her to how we actually started to converse to us being together.

Dear, thank you for all the joy and excitement you brought into my life in 2009. I am really and truly thankful to God for you. I appreciate your understanding, concerns, cares, and love for me; you have become a huge part of my life. The support and encouragement you gave me when i was struggling through my studies and my duties has really open my eyes to see the mercies and grace of God.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

0910 - part 1

Ah, 2009 is flying off soon. How Fast!! 2010 here I come!

But this is the time to reflect and look back on God's goodness and faithfulness throughout 2009 for me.

To begin with, I thank God for His grace and mercy, love and patience with me throughout the whole year, it is truly amazing to see how God has brought me through this year, showing His faithfulness towards me in spite my lack of faith and faithfulness towards Him; in the words of Dr Herbert "I am glad that our God is constant, and never changing.."

The start of 2009 was rather stressful and uncertain for me both in Trac MYF as well as my life, the uncertainty of how well i will be able to perform in the youth ministry and my final year of degree. But God was truly amazing and merciful, giving me the grace and strength (undeservingly) that i may be able to perform to my best. As a result i was able to juggle between my studies and the youth ministry (that i love so much).

I am really grateful for the team I have in TRAC MYF!! You guys are really a gift from God. I count it a blessing and honour to have known you all!

Chris: Thanks for all the fun and crazy ideas, the liveliness you bring into our undertakings. I do pray and hope that God will bring you to higher heights.

Ruth: We have been friends for so many years, i believe that you among all of my friends from the valley knows me best! Thank you for your leadership and support, you brought a great sense of maturity.

Sam: Ah miss Secretary (kick-ass), I am grateful to have you in this team. Having that organize and systematic skills in this chaotic committee. God knew we needed this; keep up your good work. Congrats on your promotion.

Fungster: Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion!! Your optimism gave a great boost to this committee.

Not forgetting...

Lawrence: Ah, you are one guy i really look up to. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the youth work!

The Worship Team
Every time i think and look back at this team, it always leaves a smile on my face and i can't help but praise God for what He has given. You guys have been awesome, for the past 4 years this team has seen many changes -people leaving and joining- God is Good..

Phoebe: You founded this team (thank you), my heart always rejoices every time i see you joining us for practices, you voice is just *priceless*. Keep using your voice to minister and bring glory to God

Aaron a.k.a Taliban: Bro, you have been a blessing and a big part of this band and my life. I have learned alot from you about life, love, and spiritual things. Thanks for the many advices, plus you brought some kick-ass guitar skills - I believe God brought you in even tho not fully methodist to a part of coincidence!

Hans: Roxxor!! Bro, I am so glad that i got to know you 4 years ago, that "so so electric guitarist" Hahaha, i think you brought not only your wicked skills, but passion and leadership into this team. You have been a great friend as well.

Abishua: The ever emo bassist, I've always enjoyed jamming with you..stand beside you and i will have all the chics coming as well..-tumpang glamour- haha, I believe you have grown in maturity and spiritually as well. Thanks for your time and willingness in this band.

Lydia: You are a great great addition to the team, now the core keyboardist to the team. Thank you for your service and heart, tho we might not hear your keyboard when we "whack" but we know that without it, the music will sound empty. Thanks for your leadership and all those travelling.

Chris Sam: Ah, the hyper kid hahaha. You brought hyperness into this team, i love your drummer skills, and i KNOW God has helped you mature through these years and a person, a player, and a leader. Keep it up.

Radiance: You cost a bomb, but deals additional 60 Area Damange!! Hahaha.. I am always encourage when i hear you share what God has shown and reveal to you, your prayers and passion in worship and for the youth ministry. Thanks

Len: You are the eldest in this team, yet i've never viewed you as older but as the same as us (in a good way- respect). I've always appreciated your advices when it comes to music, and you servantheart.

Fungster: Welcome into the family, you are the newest addition. You're sax was an awesome addition into the team, really i never thought that it would sound so whole and surround. Looking forward to many more such times.

Timothy: Needless to say, you are the man!! without you, we will be....soft hahaha, thank you for your faithfulness to this team, and yes we consider a part of the family. I do hope that for now onwards, we can have you during our worship practices!

Guys and Gals, 5 years ago i wouldn't have dream or even thought that i would be back serving in leading worship, let alone with a core band. But i really really thank God for what happened 4 years ago in YouthQuake 2006!! Lets continue our service in Him and strive to make this team great for His glory.


Part 2 coming up...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Last days

Are we really leaving in the last days? As in really really the Last days as it is said in the bible?..

If we really are, then most of us are in deep sh*t