Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of dreams, syndromes, and food

I was taking an afternoon nap this afternoon (DUH!!), so...i was asleep and i had a dream! Praise God for dreams, it can be very interesting sometimes..then again it can be down right WEIRD sometimes. I've no idea what this dream means, but it was one that got me thinking a lot..

This was how the dream went..

I was at home in S'wan, going about my own stuff. Then i had a pleasant surprise visit from all the JS10 peeps, they came in car loads. (what a joy!- even though it was only a dream) It was late evening at that point, and i went and bath to get ready for dinner with them. As i came out of the bathroom all dressed up - singing the song Mengejar HadirMu, i heard voice like a choir in unison singing the exact same song, exact same words as i was - Memandang wajah Mu, mengikuti kebaikan Mu, mengejar hadirMu dalam Hidup ku...- AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!! as i got into the car, i saw in my dream a very familiar of my senior from High School!! WTH!!

Anyways, at that point i woke up. Realised how much i actually miss them - to the point i refused to get my butt up. But it also got me thinking...How are they doing? Are they walking close to God inspite of the many challenges and temptations around? I am all too familiar with what happens after JS..

Pause* Phone called from 0301?!...At first i thought it was some unknown person who was trying to disturb me..i answered the phone anyways..To my surprise i got a call from Pearly who's in Australia...woohoo..surprise indeed.

Continue*..deng there must be some ways to surpress this Post JS syndrome!!

Moving On..
So i prepared dinner tonite, it was my dad's idea and he wanted me to make something with pork. Went with him to the market to get a strip of pork loin in the morning. I cured it in salt+sugar with water and herbs. After 4 hours, took it out and dry it then rub on my own mixture of dry herbs and spices *loved it*

Roasted it with Bacon rappings, and i also made flavoured rice (super easy), and also mix mushroom ragout..awesomeness..anyways here's the Photo..all in all it was a good meal..Praise God..