Monday, January 04, 2010

Part 2

I do not have much time to blog long here but i do wanna post this one thing up..or 2

I think the most beautiful and memorable thing that happened to me in 2009 wasn't the France trip or me graduating from Degree; rather it was one person that became a part of my life - Victoria-
How i got together with her is a rather interesting story to tell (i won't elaborate here), i do believe that it was really God that arranged and planned this from the very beginning, from how i met her to how we actually started to converse to us being together.

Dear, thank you for all the joy and excitement you brought into my life in 2009. I am really and truly thankful to God for you. I appreciate your understanding, concerns, cares, and love for me; you have become a huge part of my life. The support and encouragement you gave me when i was struggling through my studies and my duties has really open my eyes to see the mercies and grace of God.


Anonymous said...

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